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Some examples of woodworm damage, if you take a closer look you can see the extent of the damage created by the mature beetles exiting the timber.

The adult beetles, the male lives for 24 hours, mates with the female who lives for a further 24 hours in order to lay her eggs in small crevices and cracks then they perish.

So if you find activity in your property or even your wooden leg! Do not hesitate to ring us!


Cluster Flies


These flies are commonly found throughout Europe and the UK. The name refers to their habit of clustering together in large numbers and hibernating in buildings. There are several species found in the UK but they are often found in mixed swarms. The sizes vary between species from 6 – 10mm. They are slightly larger than the house fly and appear to fly more sluggishly. Cluster flies can be recognised by their distinctive stripes behind the head, short golden hairs on their thorax and a mottled light/dark grey abdomen being most common. They have also been found to have blue or green abdomens.

Eggs are laid on damp soil or beneath dead and rotting leaves. The adult flies feed on the nectar of garden and wild flowers.

As a free-living insect the length of the life cycle is weather dependent. In Britain two generations of cluster flies are common, but in hot summers up to four are possible. During the summer and early autumn cluster flies are rarely noticed as they are away from buildings. As the season cools they seek shelter in nooks and crannies in houses and other buildings

What are the signs that you have cluster flies?

Cluster flies will start entering buildings during the autumn to escape the colder weather and to survive the winter. When the weather starts becoming warmer in the spring they will become more active again and will be more noticeable.

Cluster flies are usually found in rural or semi-rural areas and can be found in loft spaces or sometimes in unused rooms, or around sash windows. They are usually seen in large groups and will often be noticed around sunny windows


It is extremely difficult to prevent cluster flies entering a property. Fly proofing a building is not 100% effective. However, caulking around windows, and sealing obvious entry points can help.

It has been observed that a single building in a row of apparently identical buildings will be selected for clustering year after year. This is no indication of poor hygiene standards and no explanation for the phenomenon has been found.

If you are experiencing regular cluster fly problems we are able to offer treatment to destroy the current cluster fly generation.

Do you think you may have a Cluster Fly problem ? if so call Able2 Pest Control for a free quote or just some friendly advice

Rat infestation

As rats are most active between dusk and dawn, it is often easier to spot signs of a rat problem, rather than an actual rodent. But if you do see a Rat, then the chances are there are likely to be more than just one.

You need to act promptly to ensure the infestation is controlled quickly before it can spread. Rat’s are well known to spread disease, damage property and contaminate food stuffs, and pet food. If rats are able to find their way into your property, they can also introduce disease-carrying parasites like fleas, lice and ticks.

As you can see bellow these Rats have been left to breed and have undermined the base of this wall !! If you spot a Rat near your property do not ignore it as the problem may only get worse. If you think you may have a problem Able2 Pest Control will come to your property at a time to suit you and carry out a free survey we also offer free advice via telephone.

The Common Brown Rat

The common brown Rat also know as the Norway Rat 12417863_1727056397522746_1216913966758678107_n(Rattus norvegicus) Breeding Behaviour. This Rat is not technically a seasonal breeder, a mating increase occurs in the warmer months of the year. An average female is capable of giving birth approximately seven times per year. Around 18 hours after giving birth, females experience postpartum estrus, and mate again. This reproductive function is responsible for the huge birthrates of Norway rats, which can reach 60 young each year per female. After a short gestation period of 22 to 24 days, the litter of approximately 8 pups is born. The young are very small and underdeveloped. It takes 14 to 17 days for the young’s eyes to open. Newborns weigh an average of 5 grams and are milk-fed until weaning occurs at 3 to 4 weeks, and the young then leave the nest. Because of there rapid breeding rate its important to start the eradication process as soon as a Rat infestation has been found. Do you have a Rat problem ?? if so call Able2 Pest Control for a fast efficient service.


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